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To motivate our peers to make a difference everywhere and anywhere, the EPP has created a digital recycling log! Students are able to record how their reusing and recycling habits and get rewarded with community service hours in return!

Students in the NCCA STEM Insitute can join the EPP leadership board for the completion of their Year Long Project!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What things can I upload into the form?

You may log

  • Recyclable paper, glass, and aluminum products. Plastic products will not be rewarded points.

Recycling Service

If you have signed up with a recycling service, only upload & recycle items that are approved by your recycling service.

Store Drop-Off

If you are dropping off recycled items, you may only recycle items with How 2 Recycle labels, as shown to the right.

  • Long-Term Reusable items

You may upload items that you are reusing or repurposing long term (that is, the item must be able to be reused for at least one year)

Good examples: Converting plastic bags to yarn, creating reusable paper towels, using old records to create a clock/bowls.

Bad examples: Reusing a grocery bag or cardboard box once for a short amount of time.

How do I take proper pictures of my entries?

If pictures are not taken properly, they may be counted as invalid. To take a good picture make sure that:

  1. Clearly shows the recycled item

  2. Is taken in a well-let room

  3. Includes a note-card card with your hand-written name

For Store Drop-Off, you will also be required to upload a photo of the How 2 Recycle label. Please upload a clear picture. No note-card is required.

If you are recycling a large quantity of items, please upload them by section in multiples pictures, so that the EPP committee will be able to see the items clearly.

To take a valid verification picture you must:

1. Clear view of recyclable materials

2. Note-card with your handwritten name

3. Clear view of recycling bin

Make sure that you can tell that the item is in a recycling bin, not a trash can.

In cases where it is difficult to make that obvious in the picture, please upload an additional picture with a clear view of the whole recycling bin.

Where can I find the nearest store drop-off locations near me?

How are volunteer hours calculated?

Volunteer hours are calculated based on the amount of points that you have. Hence, the more points, the more community service hours. Different categories of recyclables also have different point values, depending on how damaging they are to the environment.

Glass: 5 points

Aluminum: 4 points

Paper: 3 points

Volunteer hours = Total Points/ 500

(This counts per recycled product. For example, two pieces of plastic wrappers are 6 points each, or 12 points)